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Introduction to Sumikko Gurashi

credits: San-X (Click to enlarge)

Who are Sumikko Gurashi?
From San-X: 

Sumikko Gurashi (すみっコぐらし) are the creatures of the corners. They are produced by San-X. The plushies are made of soft material that gives a healing effect which is currently very popular.

credits: San-X (Click to enlarge)

Characters of Sumikko Gurashi:

Shiro Kuma - しろくま
The cold polar bear that escaped from the North. He drinks warm tea in the corners. 北から逃げてきた寒がりでひとみしりの熊。暖かいお茶をすみっコでのんでるときがおさっく。

Penguin - ぺんぎん
The penguin that has low confidence. Since a long time ago, he has a plate on top of his head. He looks like a Kappa though.じぶんはぺんぎん?自信がない。昔はあたまにおさらがあったような。

Tonkatsu - とんかつ
The leftover piece of tonkatsu. It is the piece with 1% meat and 99% fats. とんかつのはじっこ。おにく1%、しぼう99%。あぶらっぽいからのこされちゃった。

Neko - ねこ
A shy cat who is clawing on the walls at the corners. はずかしがりやの猫。よくすみっこで後ろむいて爪をといでる。

Tapioca - たぴおか
The tapioca balls that are left sticking at the edge of the cup/straw after drinking all the milk tea. ミルクティーだけ先に飲まれてのこされちゃった。

Zasou (Weed) - ざっそう
Someday, the florist will put me in a lovely bouquet. It is a good dream but not a positive one XP! いつかあこがれのお花屋さんでブーケにしてもらう。という夢をもつポジティブなくさ。

Hokori (Dust) - ほこり
The dust that fell off the corners. Noooooooo!!! すみっこはおれたさのにわ!いえーい!

Furoshiki - ふろしき
The luggage of Shiro Kuma. It is placed at locations.しろくまのにもつ。ばしょとりにつかわれる。

Nisetsumuri - にせつむり
To be honest, it is a slug wearing a fake shell. Sorry for the lie! じつは、からをかぶったなめくじ。うそついてすみません。

It is unsure how they met each other but since their acquaintance, they've been sticking together at different corners. They look round and fluffy and when they are stacked together, it gives off an " cute!" feeling to everyone.

My favourite has got to be tonkatsu and furoshiki for now! Can't wait to see what else San-X has planned for these guys.

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