Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sumikko Gurashi Shop in Lalaport Fujimi

Lalaport Fujimi Special Collaboration

San-X opened a new store at Lalaport Fujimi which marks the 10th Rilakkuma store. This store is different from the previous Rilakkuma Store as it includes the Sumikko Gurashi Shop or Sumikko Gurashi "Corner". This special store set up is now called Rilakkuma Store Plus.

To celebrate the opening of the new store, San-X released a set of mini plushies and a scene set. 

These mini plushies members includes Shirokuma. Penguin, Tonkatsu, Neko, Zassou and Tapioca. It seems that they come with tiny hoops on top of their head, one is able to hook them onto their straps easily. 

The idea of Tonkatsu selling Senbei is totally cute! (yes, we are in love with Tonkatsu :p )

This scene set is in a train cabin with Mount Fuji in the background. Shirokuma is using Furoshiki as a scarf to keep warm (love the irony here!), Penguin is reading and Hokori is just hanging around. Notice that they are all sitting in different corners which really fits their character to a T! 

Of course you might want to fill the space between them by placing some of your existing mini plushies from Sumikko Gurashi to make them less lonely. 

We are unsure of their dimensions at the moment, but if you are interested to make a purchase for them, click on the links below!


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